A Day At the Jersey Shore

I took the day off from all my projects and spent the day on the beach with my Mom. We went to Sea Girt, a gorgeous private residential beach off exit 98 on the Garden State Parkway.

The day was incredibly relaxing. We hit no traffic going down or back, there was plenty of parking, the beach was not at all crowded, and the weather was about as good as it gets. A nice breezy 78°/80° with a mix of beautiful clouds crossing clear blue skies. The water was pretty warm already even though it’s so early in the season, but we didn’t have much of a winter, so that makes sense.

There was plenty to watch between the gently crashing waves, kids swimming and playing in the water, a couple of people were aqua gliding, and plenty of birds.

At one point a bird I could not identify hovered so close in front of me for what felt like forever, about 20 yards away and maybe 15 feet high over the surface of the water – I was drawn into it’s magnetic field and could sense the movement of its eyes – then all of a sudden, the bird bent its wings up tight against it’s body, and dove straight down into the waves and got himself a nice fish dinner. It was mesmerizing, I’ve never seen anything like it in person before – and it was so close I could practically touch it. He then flew off.  WIsh I had taken video of it, I certainly had enough time to get my phone – unfortunately I told myself, ” don’t bother Kimberly because by the time you get it, the bird’ll be gone and you’ll have missed the experience. Which may be true, but I do hope that should another opportunity arise that I’ll just go for it.

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