An Ants View – Kastlebaj® Writing Example

I am hosting the Artocalypse blog carnival for September and I chose Kastlebaj® as my topic. I’ll write more about it over the next few weeks before the carnival goes live, but for now, I wanted to share an example of it – Kastlebaj® in prose poetry.

Words make life known to us. As humans – meaning of or belonging to man (mankind), we are vessels for words. Without them we are like beasts, and with them, we are able to understand, create, and order the world around us. Words are ours and we are theirs. Words are distinctly human.

Poetry is the mastery of life, of words, of meaning.

I realize that was a bit deep, but no worries, it’s about to be very (very) light. hehe.


An ants view 

Breadcrumb gold digging backpackers
No snackin' while mackin'
Giant alien roadblock maze
Linebacker red shells sting
Protect the running receivers
Sergeant army lateral pass
Directory of tribe on spit stain wall
CIC sunbathing water walk
Avoid razor sharp murder blades
Moving tree stumps stomp grids
Avoided by telepath electricity lines
Boulders rolled into castles
Community of hills with scope holes
Love queen enough for thousands
Gladiators carry rice strength
Green leaf quilted wallpaper
GPS antenna feet no trail
An ant viewing virtual goggles
Over the edge not falling
Up gliding tippy toe top
A pile on to worship chips
A million steps home everyday


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