Art Swap Day 3 – Uncountably More Thoughts

Stream of consciousness writing because there’s just too many thoughts about this amazing event and the person who’s art piece it is, mister Chris Shaw. Even this stream doesn’t contain more than a drop of them.

I am a person who is always learning, always seeking ways to grow and reaching for the stars. Artocalypse shares this mindset. Chris, my friend and co-founder of Artocalypse, is a wealth of knowledge, but like me, and the rest of the community, is always trying new things and learning. He picked up volunteering across a few biodiversity projects after retiring from his tech career, knowing nothing. Just that he wanted to get involved and was inspired by some local groups to join activities, and he found that he loved it. It’s not the only thing he does either, he has several plates spinning at any given time, as do I, and that kind of compatibility between people, is very enjoyable, and satisfying. When we decided to do an online art expo 4 years ago during Covid, none of us had ever done anything like we were trying to do. We learned so much together, and individually. Every single person in the first Expo’s went on to do something new after the experience, and for me, Artocalypse was and is, a catalyst and nurturer, for a lot of growth. In addition to learning, strong connections were forged between people, and incredible art has been introduced into the world.

When I looked at the piece, it immediately called for a beautiful sky, and the expanse of it. As a hat tip to Chris, I picked up an entirely new medium I’ve never used before, to create the sky. Gouache. Digital Gouache, to be more specific. It took me a few tries to get the feel I wanted, but it was a wonderful challenge, and I will definitely keep playing. The choices I made were rooted in thoughts about blue, joy, and heaven – The sky covers us all, and it is common to man. It’s one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring things we experience. Chris’s logo, is the Aleph. Something he describes as, “the name of the next infinity bigger than the counting numbers. It is immeasurably larger and represented by the symbol Aleph 1”, which you can read more about on his blog here. That sounds like the heavens to me. That idea also inspired my decisions. I added orange, lavender and pink gracing the horizon and alighting the soft clouds streaking the sky. In addition to the awe of the sky, I needed the light to bring the idea of sunsets and sunrises. Artocalypse would not even be a thing, if it was not for Chris being able to retire early, which he credits to investment strategies that he shares on his blog. The amount of money it would cost to build a platform and community like this, is also uncountable, lol. Every member of this community, is a long term investor, and able to do things they want to do with their time, because they have faith in something bigger than themselves. To cap my thoughts off: I am always saying that the end is just a new beginning in disguise.

Artocalypse Art Swap event day 3 – Uncountably More

Notes: Heather was day 2 on his piece, and her creative sensibility in seeing the idea of a fence from his infinite logos, was brilliant. After reading her blog article and soaking up her inspiration, I immediately thought of the saying, fences make great neighbors. It’s true, and a very fitting thought for this community of independent but collaborative creatives. The beauty of taking ownership of your digital identity, is it free’s you up to actually move and breathe. Like, man, she’s got moves. Yeah! Because I spend my time learning and applying and asking and growing and seeking, and finding (Matthew 7:7) – finally I seem to have grown up – (mostly anyway, haha) I’ll never abandon my inner child, she’s worth it.

My big take away from getting to work on this piece through the art swap, is that I was finally able to paint somebody’s sky. And I don’t think too many people get to do that.

Next up, and the final person to touch Chris’s piece, will be Aspen Writes

After the final blog post from all participating members, we will each receive a digital copy of all the pieces, to remember the experience. I am so happy about how this event is going, I can hardly stand it.

Oh! So! Good!

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