Artocalypse Digital Art Swap – Day 2 – Growth Cycle

My contribution to Heathers starter art swap piece, Growth Cycle

Phew, that was a journey. Today I received Heathers original piece to work on, which you can see here. I started with an idea, had a “happy little accident”, and found the piece. Even though with digital art you can delete and go back whenever you want, sometimes it’s better to keep playing and pushing forward until something clicks. This was one of those times. Sure I hit the back button a few times, but only after I knew what I was looking for.

I started with the foreground. I wanted to make something abstract about it. At first I thought of a reflection on water but that felt too obvious and also it took away from her piece in my opinion. Then my hand slipped on my pen, and poof, we got rolling abstract hills of flowers and greenery. I loved it. I see it as the piece becoming the ground Heather walks on, growth, and ALL HER.

I needed that skull to come to life, but it’s not just gonna do that on its own, so I made it a helper. The helper in this scene is a mix between the natural and the spiritual, giving me an opportunity to bring in some inspiration from my day 1 piece, which you can read about here, as well as day 2 by Aspen here.

I also needed an aspect of darkness to really bring it all home. Darkness being the unknown as well as the place for shadows. The skulls Heather creates are not dark. They are foundations, and probably a bit of regeneration with a hint of new beginning mixed in from time to time. Life cycles, generations, knowledge. All things that come to mind for me often when I see her pieces. I love Heathers work. She has a way of infusing the right ingredients to make each piece she does unique and special. And very memorable.

I made the helper to match her piece, to suggest the idea that everything is working together for the good. And of course I szchuzzed it up with some fancy spirit fairy light. Otherwise, how would it do its job.

And the hardest part was not finishing. Because I am only second, there’s two more people who are going to touch this piece, so I had to leave lots of room and new inspiration to work from.

This art swap began on Heather’s birthday, and I wanted to surprise her, you’ll have to zoom in to see what that surprise was, I’m not telling you. hehe. All I can say is that on her birthday, I reminded her to make a wish.

The helper needs a name, but I want to leave that to the next swapper. I very rarely name my pieces, but it’s kind of my thing to ask people to name them for me, and I am quite excited to find out what it is. What would you name the helper?

Go make art!

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