Creating The Blue Search Series

As an artist and designer, I have a lot of files. Image, text, video, and audio, but image and text is the bulk of it. As I dive deeper into blogging, I have come to appreciate categories.  But beyond just the tags we may use on our posts, and more like how I decide to group together certain pieces and bodies of work. Different sides of the story of my life – whether I know about it at the moment or not.

Will I tell a story, define something, explain something, express something, learn something, make a discovery  . . .

How many ways can I inspire and be inspired?  And what will I have the privilege to discover and enjoy? It’s thrilling really if you think about it.

There’s so many different ways to create something another person will really enjoy and appreciate receiving. There’s countless things for each of us to receive, and I’m convinced you can actively participate and co-create your reality. But not like some sci-fi film, it’s more like – a becoming. Every moment is packed with meaning and ephemeral at the same time, and you get to experience the fullness of life.

Today, I thought about a series on what do I get when I search the word, blue, in my albums? Because, why not?!  

What things come to mind when you consider    Blue  

It’s such a wonderful opportunity to be able to experience creativity — both as creator and muse — and I am extremely blessed. 

What do you see in the Blue Search Series? Can you see any patterns? Ideas? Commonalities? Differences? How do you feel? How’s your mood, do you feel “in the moment or in your head – or the Zen of the two?

Are you noticing any desires and memories entering?

Any DISCOVERIES? . . . ?

What will be your Blue Search experience?

Oh… you thought this was MY Blue Search Series, didn’t you? You really should stop trying to control everything.

Let go! Enjoy. Explore! Play!

Here’s your chance . . .

All comments – thoughts – interpretations – ideas – are welcome and appreciated!

Blue Search Series 5/13/24 💙 🔎🔥

Random thought for the day:

Notice not only what is seen, heard, known, and felt, but also what is not. Reality consists of both the absence of things and the presence of things, but neither are fully true in and of themselves. Truth transcends it but is also integral to it. Everything was made by and for God, and we are both conduit and creator. Life is a miracle and a mystery.

Fun Wiki info:

Linguistic research indicates that languages do not begin by having a word for the colour blue.[11] Colour names often developed individually in natural languages, typically beginning with black and white (or dark and light), and then adding red, and only much later – usually as the last main category of colour accepted in a language – adding the colour blue, probably when blue pigments could be manufactured reliably in the culture using that language.

Blue is a primary color across all models of color space. It is the color of the ocean and the sky; it often symbolizes serenity, stability, inspiration, or wisdom.[9] It can be a calming color, and symbolize reliability.[10] In the Catholic Church, the Virgin Mary is most often depicted wearing blue, to symbolize being “full of grace” by divine favor.[11] Blue is widely used for baby boys’ clothes or bedrooms, although the reason blue is so strongly associated with boys is debated.[12] Blue can also represent sadness and depression (“they have the blues”).

The term blue generally describes colours perceived by humans observing light with a dominant wavelength between approximately 450 and 495 nanometres.[12] Blues with a higher frequency and thus a shorter wavelength gradually look more violet, while those with a lower frequency and a longer wavelength gradually appear more green. Purer blues are in the middle of this range, e.g., around 470 nanometres.

In nature, many blue phenomena arise from structural colouration, the result of interference between reflections from two or more surfaces of thin films, combined with refraction as light enters and exits such films. The geometry then determines that at certain angles, the light reflected from both surfaces interferes constructively, while at other angles, the light interferes destructively. Diverse colours therefore appear despite the absence of colourants.

Go read more on the blue Wikipedia page .

Gematria of blue –

Hebrew = 227

English = 240

Simple = 40

Have a wonderful day – 😊 – share your love!

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