Digital Art Swap – Calm Walk With Me

Today is the fourth of July, America’s independence day, and I am wrapping up the last day of our Artocalypse digital art swap. Aspen’s starter piece was the beautiful tree you see salted throughout the composition, with reference to their neurodivergences. Chris added various greenery, and it reminded me of his Glorious grasslands project. Heather multiplied the tree and started some walking paths. So much good stuff to work with.

Every step of this art swap presented a different kind of problem to solve. Phase one we each sat with our own blank canvas. The constraint of not being able to finish, reminded me a bit of a relay race, except that everyone was in every position at some point.

Since we had 4 people involved, each swap required a different perspective. I approached it as though, the first position was about setting the stage, the second was about invention, the third was the body, and the last was completion.

I played with this for quite awhile before I figured out what I wanted to do. My biggest challenges were the bottom left corner and finding where the focal point and leading lines were going to be. I knew I wanted to add a sense of calm as medicine for Aspen. Heather added all the adorable little people reading under the trees, so the idea had already been seeded. I feel a sense of awe, wonder, adventure, humanity, and whimsy when looking at it.

It was so much fun to do, Aspen is incredibly creative and inspiring, and I think this piece is a good reflection of that. To see all the pieces together, visit our Launch Expo at Artocalypse.

Day 4, final day of Artocalypse digital art swap – Calm Walk With Me

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