Everything Needs An Aim – Let Me Explain

I Love a good rhyming title, don’t you? hehe, Ok seriously though, this is gonna be a short and sweet one.

Topics I often talk about are vision, plans, steps, and aims. Everything needs an aim, let me explain:

For example, if you wake up and you find yourself hungry, like I often do, I have to pick an aim. There are lots of things I can do over the course of my life, lots of things I can do today, and lots of things I can do right now, but lots of things, don’t make for anything. Of the many options flowing through my mind, if I am hungry, I need to pick something. That pick becomes my aim. If I am trying to subdue hunger, do I also want it to be tasty? Or do I just want the quickest thing I can put in my mouth? But before those things get sorted, I have to pick the aim of eating something and when I will do that. Let’s say I pick now. I then have my aim set to the target (thing I picked to do) and I will then lay out the steps to achieve that aim.

I go to the cabinet and fridge to have a look around. Then decide on tuna. Then on how I will prepare the tuna, I choose to make a sandwich. I get out the ingredients needed to make the sandwich I want. Tuna. Mayo. Black pepper. White bread. Cucumber. Toaster. Cheddar Cheese, plate. I pop the bread in the toaster while I un-can my tuna and add it to my bowl with mayo and pepper. Mix it all up good. Cut my cucumber in thin slices. Toast pops, I put in on the plate and immediately lay down a layer of cheddar cheese so it gets kind of melty. Then the tuna goes on top of that. Then the cucumber slices. And the finishing touch, as a last minute decision – an artful squeeze of black truffle hot sauce goes on top. Close the sandwich with my other piece of toast. Take a pic. Cut in half. Eat.

All of that was possible because I set the aim – Make a tuna sandwich. The steps do not present themselves until we do this. And it’s like that with everything. What mountains must you climb, what joys do you want to receive, what kinds of rewards and so on. Are you finding yourself in a set it and forget it state of mind?

So, if you are struggling to move or grow or “get anywhere” (whatever that means for you) check to make sure you are setting those worthwhile aims. And remember —

Aim High – Don’t Look Back – Keep Going

And BTW, the tuna recipe I created today was delicious, so if you like tuna, give it a try. Yum!

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