Happy Little Accidents

I have been working on the redesign of my business website, as I’ve found myself using Kadence in WP more and more for projects.

The goal is to make the whole process better, faster, and easier. I have several content sites under me, this being one of them, and trying to keep up with my own stuff, as well as all the web and content work for my clients, can be overwhelming without an ecosystem of processes — such as keeping various projects together under the same tech so that the creating, changing, collaborating, editing, and publishing of content after a build, becomes enjoyable and not burdensome.

Plus, it’s super fast. πŸ‘Œ

As I was staring at the filler images in the staging site, I had a wonderful epiphany. Why not use my art instead of the boring overdone stock images we’re all tired of looking at on everyones business content. The smiling faces of perfectly posed, groomed, and filtered complexions that are supposed to make us feel seen. I don’t feel seen. I don’t feel anything.

I’m sorry, but it’s advertising 101, even in an image driven society, that you should only use images if they can say more than you could with words. Every single word choice is incredibly important when you’re spending time and $$, whether it’s clicks or print. And if you can express more in words, the space an image takes up is very expensive. Your visuals need to be compelling. Whether you hire someone like me who will help you express yourself, your values, and your talents while making something beautiful, or strategically creating visual stories that impact the viewer, it remains that words are King and a problem is better redressed with more words than thoughtless pictures.

I’ve been using my art as filler images on client sites that get replaced with their branded content after the build is done, but on my own site, I had no intention of leaving them — until today.Β 

I’m a little surprised at myself that I didn’t think of it sooner, but as with most things in life, timing is everything. I have created tens of thousands of pieces of art and am always trying to find good ways to express myself and share it so others can also enjoy it. But really, there’s just so much of it that finding a way to display it has not been an easy task. This solution is, at the least — very on brand on a branding business website (that’s a tongue twisterπŸ˜…), and at its best, a new wonderful way for sharing beautiful art.

So yeah, I’m pretty excited about it. It’s one of the best happy little accidents I’ve had in a long time. Thank you, Heather. 😊

Random thoughts and musings from the day:

The “R” in Random (another happy accident πŸ€”πŸ˜Š)

My gosh with the migraines for weeks.

Pixies playing tricks with “stuff” – where’d it go this time? πŸ˜†πŸ˜­

I picked up “The Artist Way” at the library.

Side thought: My Dad was telling me today that his library card has saved him about $8K. πŸ₯ΈπŸ€―

Waking up and trying to create a dinner menu in 5 minutes staring into the refrigerator void. πŸ€” (e v e n t u a l l y decided on tomato pesto shrimp with peppers and white rice). It was a successful experiment. I wasn’t sure there for a minute, though.

Signed up for 2 Harvard online courses — Leaders of Learning and Scratch.

Mom is one day in on her big road trip to Florida. I’m so happy for her, and proud of her. It’s been really hard for quite a while, so I hope she’s having an amazing time.

Art by Kimberly

from the abstract mirror collections

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