Making Mike Famous

I talk to the animals. Ok, let me rephrase. I TRY to talk to the animals. They never seem to listen. Except Alfie, my doggo, he always listened. We had an unspoken understanding, though. I was his person, and he was … Oh gosh … I can’t sum it up in words.

Anywhoooooser, where was I? Oh yeah, animal talking. Every time I see a bird or a bee or a chipmunk or bunny or dog or — you get the idea. I imagine we have a mental connection, and I try to talk with them.  Sometimes, I say it out loud. Other times, I send telepathic messages.

Yes I know, I’m weird. 😁😊

I’m also always hoping to catch good photos of them being still. Which is nearly impossible since they move around so much. I say things like, “Hey birdie, you’re so cute, come over here.” They never do. But I still keep hoping for that gift 😁

But today… a set of very curious redbreasted birdies were feeding on some fresh fell seeds of the spring tree blooms. One of them was interested in me. I was telling him if he’d hop closer, I’d make him famous. And he did, so the journey begins.

Me and Heather got on the phone and had one of our fun creative play dates, and I did my first practice sketch of him. We’re naming him Mike, in case he comes back. I am not interested in making a photo realistic image of him, but I do think he’ll make a great character to play with various ideas. He definitely had personality.

Just look at that tude!

Since it’s nighttime and nobody likes to turn lights on around here, I was drawing in the dark — pages lit only by the electric light field of the TV. But I had fun anyway. It just means that his details, proper highlights, and eyes, will have to wait until morning. When he’s done, I’ll make a new post. Then, after that, I’ll move on to draw him in full character. Less copying and more charisma! Hehe.

But he’s such a cutie — don’t ya think?! 😍

It’s also the flower moon tonight, and there’s one awesome tree next to my porch that is in full bloom, and looks like a gajillion eye balls staring at me. It’s mysterious and beautiful. The images don’t do it justice. I’d love to paint these trees sometime in the future.  There’s a whole row of them lining the property, what’s left of “forest” in Passaic County, NJ.

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