If I Can Make It There, I’ll Make It Anywhere

Those lyrics famously sung by the one and only Frank Sinatra are not just an anthem for New York. They are an anthem for living. And I think that’s why everyone relates to the song, no matter where they’re from.

Those words speak of faith. Of grabbing your sling, standing firmly on hallowed ground, and trusting your efforts will be propelled through a force greater than yourself.

We get our first bike and try to balance as we peddle. No amount of reading instructions prepares you for the actual ride.

But eventually, you’re riding down hill with no hands.

Without knowing it, you’ve made it – like Frank did in New York. The bike was your New York before you learned to ride it. Maybe your bike is to make art you like, maybe it’s to start a business or climb K2. Maybe it’s to speak a second language or read the whole of the encyclopedias sitting on your shelf. Maybe it’s to heal and restore your life.

The bike was your New York. And every “bike” since then is all the evidence you’ll ever need – to know you’ll make it.

Just start peddling.

When life gets tough and I want to crawl into bed and give up, I think about things like this. I want to learn to ride as many bikes as possible, so I remember that first one, and the countless more that followed, and I’m reminded…

If I could make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.

Speaking of New York – (the city in N.Y.) see what I did there? 😁

I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure of working with WAHIZZA, Home Of The Chimi Pizza – creating art, branding, and marketing assets for a little over a year now, and I’m super excited about our newest project – it’s gonna be so cool 😎 y’all.

Junior, the owner operator of The Wahizza Franchise Corp, is one of the most humble and determined people I’ve ever known. He’s been down a time or two, but he always manages to get back up stronger than before.

The pizza franchise had humble beginnings, with one local joint in his little nook of Washington Heights, NY, and has become THE Dominican-Italian pizza destination for anyone who knows anything about pizza. He’s now in franchise opening new locations all across Northern NJ – lucky me eh? 😍😊

I have had the most creative fun working with him and his team. He trusts and encourages our creativity, and I listen really closely to his vision. A great mix for a creative person with business acumen like myself is a client who tells you to run with your ideas. Not everything my team creates gets picked, but most of it does, and that’s because he gives us the space to do what we do best, and we listen up when it comes to his vision and his community, because that’s what he knows best. It’s been a delight working with them, and I hope it continues for as long as it serves.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the creative projects we’ve had the opportunity to create for them.

If you’ve got a dream, don’t settle for a second-rate version of yourself or your life – ride all the “bikes” and never look back – you’re not going that way.

Remember, if you can make it there . . .

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