Passion #1, Art by Kimberly

Pay attention to passionate people as well as your own passions. They have something worthwhile to give you. We humans don’t generally get passionate about trivial matters. It’s always something that has served us on some higher level.

Whenever I get in front of someone who is clearly tuned in and turned on, I immediately listen up. I know this person has something truly special to impart, and I don’t want to miss the gift.

This piece is my interpretation of passion, titled Passion #1.

Brief introduction to the piece:

Red is the color of passion. It is like a fire that burns but doesn’t consume. It’s an emotionally hot, powerful, and alluring light energy. The line work openly hints at the intimate just as passion is personal and unashamed. It is feminine in form while strong in design and connective detail that makes it feel held by the masculine. Which I think is the makeup of passion as it needs both a giver and receiver in order to be shared. The mix of round and angular speak of the complex, directive but nurturing aspects of passion. The abstract draws us into creative collaboration with the work, just like passion commands our attention. The abundant negative space acts to create an experience like that of being mesmerized by flames.

Your interpretation is required to complete the exchange and find out what this piece is giving you.

I encourage you to leave a comment about what you see in there. There is no right or wrong answer, only creative collaboration.

I hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like a print of this piece, let me know, at and I’ll get you a link to buy from my shop.

Have a wonderful day, my awesome creative geniuses.

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  1. This post is in reply to Kimberly’s post on Passion art. This piece reminds me of concentrating on something so hard that you lose track of time. There are many individual straight lines that appear curved when viewed together. Passion is like making curves from straight lines. Sometimes it’s difficult…

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