When We Are Weak, Then We Are Strong

I took the weekend off from work and spent hours watching art documentaries and seeking for inspiration. Having purchased a new sketch book and getting stuck with ideas, I thought about how can I make it tell a story, rather than my usual random individual sketches. I want to try to be intentional about each piece and the overall book.

I am thinking about how I could write to express new ideas, refine some of my poetry, and create art pieces to express the other side of my creative ideas. I also thought I would love to collaborate with my friend and amazing artist Heather Houston of Heather & Bone Art.

I wrote the original poetry book in a 30-day poetry challenge, and to my surprise, quite a few people liked it. I was not sure what anyone would think. It was my first attempt at writing a full book, but I am content with it.

Still, as it is with many things in life, I made mistakes — grammar, spelling, and not self-publishing, to name a few. I knew I could make it better, but I really was not sure when I would be able to do that. I also want to write more poetry, and I love the creative energy that comes with a mutually passionate and creative collab. There’s nothing like it.

In many ways, this is me fighting through the old habits and comfort zones to create fresh.

In my research I came across a quote by Edvard Munch talking about the strength in youth and the young artist who will eventually be the future of art, the young artist mind, and what it means to create freely — uninhibited by our own judgements and agendas — when we are just simply innovating.

It is such a powerful thing to be young in art, and that applies to both age youth as well as the youth we can adopt at any age by the renewing of the mind.

Youthful artist, you carry the weight of mankind on your shoulders. Your shoulders are slight, almost insignificant. Yet there is great strength in them, a force that could topple mountains. You don’t yet see it, but it is there. Nurture it, guide it, for it can shape the world.

Edvard Munch


Though the horizon seems so large and beyond our reach, our ability to move freely and creatively expands. From seed to sapling, grows a tree that shelters many.

So long story short I wanted to express my take on Munch’s quote with a piece that expressed the idea that: A creative renewed mind is a fountain of youth. And that’s what you’re looking at below. Just a quick experiment and piece, but I am interested to see where this idea takes me.

Kimberly RL

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